Information for students thinking about doing this course.

This is a combination of Year 9 & 10 maths courses which students study at secondary schools.It is done over one year as a once a week class on a Monday night for 3 hours.
If you need a refresher at this level or you have not done Year 10 Maths before then this could be the course for you.
Steps before enrolling in this course.
1. Check with a Career counsellor to see what prerequisites are required for the career you wish to pursue.
2. If the tertiary course requires Maths Methods 3/4 then this might be the place to start. You will need to have done Maths Methods 1/2 before you do Maths Methods 3/4.
3. Maths Methods 1/2 requires a very good background in year 10 Maths especially in the algebra and graphing topics.
4. The new courses in Victoria all use CAS ( Computer Algebra Systems) graphic calculators so you will need to purchase one of these in semester 2. These are valued at $195+ new so you need to save your $ or try and buy a secondhand one.We use the CASIO Classpad 330. If you purchase a new calculator please get this one as all our textbooks and staff will be referring to this brand and model.