Welcome to the VCE Student Wellbeing Page. This page is designed to help you through your VCE year by helping you to work at your best through your course - managing yourself through the year is just as important as managing your work.

kneeboard.jpgA plane flying from Melbourne to Brisbane rarely flies on course. Its pilot and instruements are constantly bringing the plane back on track as weather patterns and other external forces constantly divert it off its flight plan. Doing your VCE is a bit like flying from Melbourne to Brisbane - it's important to know that much of the time you'll get blown off track. The important thing to remember is to gently guide yourself back onto your flight path and keep in the air. A safe landing in Brisbane is preferable to a crash landing out the back of Bourke.

Getting Your Brain Into Shape for the VCE Year
Did you know that habit thinking will actually change the structure of our brains? Recent research has shown that the more we think a certain way, the thicker the neural pathways we use in that thinking become. If we change our thinking or neglect a particular type of thinking, these neural networks will wither.

Read all about this in The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge